At Valley, we take pride in ensuring that our patients are comfortable and at ease during all stages of care, including diagnostic imaging.

We are aware that MRI testing can be associated with anxiety, claustrophobia and stress. With the 3T MRI Sentient Suite, Valley offers not only a wider bore MRI, but soothing nature scenes, music and sounds.  We are able to perform MRIs that cater to the needs and comforts of all patients while providing the highest quality images.

What is a 3T MRI?

The 3T MRI provides outstanding diagnostic image quality due to its stronger and more powerful electromagnetic field than a typical MRI. While the 3T MRI provides extremely high-quality images, it does so at a quick and efficient speed, further minimizing discomfort or stress for the patient.

An Experience like No Other

The 3T MRI Sentient Suite is not just any MRI -- it is an experience. The Sentient Suite has personalized options to make patients feel relaxed and at ease, creating a stress-free and comfortable experience.

  • With a tap, patients can enjoy their favorite HD nature video or music, as well as soothing lighting, for the duration of their scan.
  • Music, imagery and lighting are all fully personalized to ensure patients are at their highest level of comfort.
  • Our nurses can further help to relax patients with the use of essential oils.
  • With improved comfort and satisfaction from the calming environment, as well as the more comfortable wide-bore machine, there is decreased need for sedation and repeat imagery and scans.

Why Choose Valley’s Sentient Suite?

  • Location: The diagnostic imaging center is located at the Luckow Pavillion, which offers convenient access and parking.
  • Wide-bore structure: The design of the machine helps claustrophobic patients feel more at ease and offers enhanced patient comfort.
  • Unique experience: The spa-like environment is unique to our area, and helps patients become more relaxed and better able to complete their MRI. We are pleased to share that we have had great success in helping even the most nervous and claustrophobic patients have their MRI exam.