For 15 years, Christine Pietroburgo struggled with losing weight. “It was one of those things where I knew I was getting heavy and I tried so many different diets. I would lose weight and I would start to exercise and then gain it all back. And that was just something that made me go into a situation where it affected me. I started getting depressed. I didn’t feel good about myself anymore. I felt that my kids needed a mom that was more active.”

As her 30s came to a close, Christine Pietroburgo knew that it was time to reclaim her life. “I started this journey at 39 by really taking a look at myself. I wanted to go into my forties healthy. One thing that was really tough was that I started having physical limitations. I was off balance. I was breaking my ankles. I was falling. I was having trouble walking up and down stairs. My knees hurt. I was out of breath. I just didn’t feel good.”

Christine Pietroburgo
Christine Pietroburgo before (left) and after weight-loss surgery at Valley

Choosing Surgery at Valley

Christine had considered going for metabolic surgery for a few years, but was scared because she had never had surgery before. To help calm her nerves and strengthen her resolve, she started investigating her options — one of which was Valley's Center for Metabolic Surgery and Weight-Loss Management. After watching two of Valley’s weight-loss patient testimonials online and attending a weight-loss seminar, Christine made the decision to have her surgery at Valley. She explains that Valley's bariatric surgeon's compassion and understanding about the struggle to lose weight truly resonated with her, as did the fact that it was clearly “important to the staff to make sure I was prepared for this life change.”

A Life in Motion

Looking back on her life prior to surgery, Christine is amazed at how far she has come. “This surgery has completely changed my lifestyle. It’s been a very emotional journey for me. I had a good life before. I really did. I have a great family. I have a supportive family. I have a loving family, but I’m a better mom now. I am back to the Christine that I knew I was. It’s made me more energetic. I feel good about myself again. I’m not depressed. I’m training for the 5K Rugged Maniac Mud Run. I’m proud that I’m doing boot camp three days a week with other moms. I feel stronger. And that was one of my goals. I wanted to feel stronger emotionally and physically. My overall health has improved tremendously. I’m a happier person now. I’m a healthier person now.”