Valley Medical Group Names Angela M. D’Alessandro, MD, as Clinical Director of Kireker Center for Child Development

November 3, 2020

D/Alessandro, Angela, M.D

Valley Health System is proud to announce double board-certified physician Angela M. D’Alessandro, MD, has been named the new Clinical Director of the Kireker Center for Child Development. Dr. D’Alessandro is also the Director of the Spasticity Clinic team which includes pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, pediatric neurology, pediatric NP, social work, physical therapy, an orthoptist, and a durable medical equipment provider.

Dr. D’Alessandro has been practicing at Valley for 13 years in pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation and specializes in working with children with special needs and developmental delays. As a physiatrist, she works with patients to help them regain function and improve their quality of life. Some specific conditions she works with include spasticity, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, muscular dystrophy, and more.

The Kireker Center for Child Development is the only one of its kind in Bergen County that offers physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies, and a pediatric physiatrist who work collaboratively as a team. The Center collaborates with developmental pediatrics, pulmonology, endocrinology, allergists, nutrition support, pediatric weight management, sleep medicine, gastroenterology, psychotherapy, and social work. “By having a team based approach to care for children with special needs, we are providing a high value service that is not easily obtained. Very few facilities in the state can offer the breadth and expertise that we can in the Center,” said J. Antonio Quiros, MD, DHA, Associate Chair of Women and Children Services.

The collaborative team approach is important for children with disabilities as it creates mutual treatment plans that involve all aspects of care. “Collaboration and communication between the prescribing physician and therapists is not only crucial for the success of our patients as we look to improve their quality of life, but it is also unique to our department. I know what my patients’ therapists’ treatment plans are and they know what I have ordered, which helps alleviate any confusion for practitioners and parents and ensures we are all on the same page working holistically,” Dr. D’Alessandro said.

In her new role as Clinical Director of the Center, Dr. D’Alessandro looks to continue what she feels is the most important aspect of her team, “connecting the human touch with cutting edge medicine in the care we provide.” 

The Kireker Center for Child Development is located at 140 E Ridgewood Ave, in Paramus.