Thank you for choosing The Valley Hospital for your clinical rotation. Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for you and your students. 

This page provides information and required documentation for your students’ clinical rotations. All faculty and students need to complete this paperwork once annually, on a calendar-year basis.

Unit-specific information, such as manager's name, email address, and telephone number, can be found by clicking on Unit Manager Contact Information. Unit-specific details can also be found by clicking on Clinical Unit Details.

Required Paperwork

It is imperative that we receive all required paperwork, including the School Affiliation Roster, by the end of your first clinical day. Please return the paperwork to Cathy Smith (see address at right). 

School Affiliation Roster
Student grades to be noted on roster. A Student Affiliation Roster must be submitted for all clinical rotation groups. If a student is returning within the calendar year, please mark “Returning student.”

Download for RN Students
Download for PCT Students

Students & Supplemental Staff Self Learning Orientation Module Post Test
Please read each section; read the instructions on front cover page; and complete all tests and sign all statements, etc. included in the packet. MANDATORY: ALL tests and signed statements MUST be returned to the instructor on the FIRST clinical day.

Download for RN Students
Download for PCT Students

COVID-19 Clinical Experience Questionairre and Acknowledgement Form

Mandatory Insulin Education - For RN Students Only
Included in orientation module above. Download 

Annual Glucose Competency
Annual glucose competency is required of all instructors. Please run your high and low glucose controls and complete the annual competency test. Please send the signed competency form to Cathy Smith's office at the hospital (see address above). Download 

Please also review the following:
Blood Glucose Policy
Hypoglycemia Policy 

For Instructor Information/Completion or for Review with Students

Nursing Student Guideline Policy
Valley’s policy outlining selected nursing tasks that a nursing student may perform. Download 

Nursing Student Clinical Assignment Sheet
Must be filled out and posted daily on the unit. Download 

PCT Clinical Assignment Sheet
Must be filled out and posted daily on the unit. Download

Instructor Meditech 6.1 Access
Instructions for accessing information, including nursing school clinical education information, in Meditech 6.1. Download 

Nurses' Notes
Daily nurses’ notes to be completed. Download 

Post-Test Answer Sheets
For grading and reviewing results with your students. 
Self-Learning Orientation Module Answer Sheet
Insulin Safety Answer Key Sheet  

Hand Hygiene/Natural Nail Policy for Healthcare Workers
Instructors and students coming to the hospital for clinical rotations must comply with this policy. Failure to comply will result in the loss of clinical privileges. Download 

Personal Appearance Guidelines
Valley’s policy regarding professional appearance, dress and grooming. Download 

Other Important Forms & Information

Hospital Shuttle Schedule
As a reminder, to take the shuttle to the hospital, you must park at 611 Valley Health Plaza, which is adjacent to the Luckow Pavilion in Paramus. The shuttle will drop you off on the 1st floor Phillips in the doctor's parking lot. Download 

Influenza Vaccination Form
We are required by CMS guidelines for Inpatient Quality Reporting to provide documentation of influenza vaccination of our healthcare workers, including students and instructors working with patients at The Valley Hospital. Please provide us with this documentation for your students and instructors this upcoming flu season. This is required. Download