You and your partner will have many factors to consider when creating your birth plan. 

Valley can help you create your plan. The Center for Childbirth provides education about all of your options for a family-centered birth, including:

Hydrotherapy Tub

Valley's offers two labor rooms with hydrotherapy tubs that allow women to relax during labor and ease the pain of contractions. The hydrotherapy tub is a great option for women who wish to pursue a natural childbirth delivery. 

Babies are not delivered in the tub; it is for Mom's relaxation only. The tub is completely drained, cleaned, and sanitized after each patient's use.

Hydrotherapy tubs are subject to availability.

Benefits of a Hydrotherapy Tub During Labor

  • While in the tub, a woman is accessible on all sides to a nurse, childbirth partner, or other caregiver.
  • The water’s buoyancy and tub's spacious size allow a woman to change positions easily.
  • Water reduces the strain on a laboring woman's perineal muscles and increases elasticity to aid in delivering the baby.
  • Warm baths during labor have been shown to reduce anxiety and pain perception and the use of pain-relieving medications and instrumentation during delivery.

Holistic Techniques for Labor and Delivery

Specially trained nurses at Valley help women labor and deliver their babies within a positive atmosphere. 

These holistic techniques help women to be free from anxiety or lengthy confinement in bed:

  • Therapeutic touch
  • Hydrotherapy tub
  • Essential oils
  • Other integrative healing therapies

Gentle C-section

For women who need to have a cesarean section, or C-section, Valley offers a gentle cesarean. We will work with you and your doctor to customize the cesarean experience as much as possible. 

With a gentle cesarean:

  • You can choose the music being played when your baby is born.
  • Valley provides special draping for a mom when the baby is born.
  • You can do skin-to-skin in the OR.
  • You can choose different lighting.

Doula Services

Valley’s Doula Program offers pregnant mothers continuous emotional and physical support to ease their labor. They work with your birth partner and the rest of the Valley childbirth team.