The Valley Hospital Receives the America’s 100 Best Hospitals Award for Stroke Care and Critical Care

October 24, 2023

stroke careThe Valley Hospital is proud to announce that it is one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Stroke Care and Critical Care, according to new research released by Healthgrades.  The Valley Hospital is 1 of 6 hospitals in New Jersey to receive the recognition for Stroke Care for 2024, and just 1 of 2 hospitals in New Jersey to receive the recognition for Stroke Care for seven years in a row (2018-2024). Valley is also 1 of 9 hospitals in New Jersey this year to receive the recognition for Critical Care. 

These distinctions, along with numerous other accolades from Healthgrades for Cranial Neurosurgery and Neurosciences, reflect The Valley Hospital’s outstanding clinical performance and distinguish it as one of the country’s leading hospitals.  

Valley has also received the following awards from Healthgrades:

•    The Cranial Neurosurgery Excellence Award™ for eight years in a row (2017-2024)
•    The Neurosciences Excellence Award™ for seven years in a row (2018-2024)
•    The Stroke Care Excellence Award™ for eight years in a row (2017-2024)
•    The Critical Care Excellence Award™ for two years in a row (2023-2024)

The Valley Hospital is 1 of only 5 hospitals in New Jersey to receive all three Neurosciences Excellence Awards—the Stroke Care Excellence Award™, The Cranial Neurosurgery Care Excellence Award™ and Neurosciences Excellence Award™.  

Valley is currently also one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals™ for 2023, a distinction it received in January.

“I am very proud that Valley has once again been recognized as a top hospital in the nation for these neurological and critical care specialties,” said Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of Valley Health System. “These distinguished recognitions are reflective of Valley’s continued commitment to achieving optimal clinical outcomes and providing high-quality, compassionate care.”

Healthgrades evaluated patient mortality and complication rates for 35 common conditions and procedures at approximately 4,500 hospitals nationwide to identify the top performers. This year’s analysis revealed that the variation in performance among hospitals continues to widen, making it increasingly important to seek care at top-rated programs.  From 2020-2022, patients treated at hospitals among America’s 100 Best for Stroke Care have, on average, a 41.6% lower risk of dying than if treated in hospitals that did not receive the award.*

“Healthgrades congratulates The Valley Hospital for being a national leader and demonstrating a deep commitment to providing high quality care to all patients,” said Brad Bowman, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Data Science at Healthgrades. “As health systems nationwide endeavor to elevate the quality of care, these elite facilities provide a roadmap for success. We commend The Valley Hospital for their dedication to excellence in patient care.”
Consumers can visit to learn more about how Healthgrades measures hospital quality and access a patient-friendly overview of the complete methodology here
*Statistics are based on Healthgrades analysis of MedPAR data for 2020 through 2022 and represent three-year estimates for Medicare patients only. Click here to view the complete 2024 Specialty Awards and Ratings Methodology.