Supervised Training Exercise Program DuriNG ChemoTHerapy For Breast Cancer Trial (STRENGTH Trial)


The objective is to examine the effects of a supervised exercise program on cardiorespiratory fitness in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

The secondary objectives are to; (1) establish the feasibility and safety of the supervised exercise program during chemotherapy for breast cancer, and (2) evaluate the effects of the supervised exercise program during chemotherapy on quality of life (QoL) and symptom burden.


  •  >=18 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with Stage I, II, III or IV breast cancer
  • Scheduled to receive chemotherapy. Choice of chemotherapy will be the investigator’s choice.
  • Receive medical clearance to participate in the study as determined by their treating oncologist.
  • Are able to complete the 6 Minute Walk Test prior to starting the supervised exercise program
  • Are able to provide written informed consent and complete questionnaires in English
  • Are willing to participate in a 12 week supervised virtual exercise program.