Feasibility Of NutRition Counseling For BrEast Cancer Survivors (FORCE Study)


The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the feasibility of individualized nutrition counseling by an RD in breast cancer survivors (defined as patients with stage I, II, III or IV breast cancer) as measured by adherence to a three-visit protocol over a twelve-week period.

The secondary objectives of the study are (1) to evaluate the effects of nutrition counseling on quality of life (QoL) and (2) to measure the effect of individualized nutrition counseling on physical activity.


  • >=18 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with stage I, II, III or IV breast cancer
  • Patients with stage I-III (clinical or pathologic prognostic stage using AJCC 8th Edition Prognostic Staging) must have completed any planned surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer at least 2 weeks prior to study enrollment. Patients may be on endocrine therapy and/or anti HER2 therapy during the study.
  • For patients with stage IV (de novo or metastatic) breast cancer, patients may be at any point in their treatment course. 
  • Participants may be enrolled onto another clinical trial during participation in this study.
  • Are able to provide informed consent and complete questionnaires in English
  • Are willing to meet with the RD at three separate time points (at baseline; four week follow up visit and twelve week follow up visit)