The Valley Health System’s Social Equality Council aims to provide a forum for individuals throughout Valley to have a voice for sharing differing perspectives.

Mission Statement:

Valley’s diversity and inclusion strategy has five foundational pillars that reflect the strategic priorities created to enable the organization to address the diverse needs of our staff, patients, families and the community we serve. This structural framework guides the Social Equality Council in creating an environment where employees, patients, and families feel safe being who they are, while addressing concerns related to race and equality. This framework guides the council to develop goals and implement strategies that foster an environment where diversity and inclusion are valued and promoted.

Five Pillars of the Social Equality Council

Leadership Engagement: Valley offers educational offerings that were created to assist our leadership teams in promoting diversity. Our hiring practices are encouraged to promote and hire underrepresented members of our staff and community.

Employee Development: Valley offers various career advancement programs and educational opportunities to assist employees of diverse backgrounds to reach their ultimate potential. In addition, Valley works to prepare employees to better understand the value of cultural competence and diversity in the workplace.

Patient/Family Experience: Valley offers and encourages educational opportunities and training that is designed to improve the patient and family experience by improving our staff’s ability to be culturally competent.

Operational Alignment and Excellence: At Valley, we measure success through the use of specific metrics and established goals that align with our mission toward social equality.

Community Partnerships and Health Equity: Working towards reducing health disparities in Valley’s patient population by collaborating or holding community events and health screenings in underserved communities. We also have established partnerships with schools and offer educational programs for underserved communities.

 “We are committed to an inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes everyone and provides a safe patient and employee experience.”

 – Charles Vannoy, Vice President, Patient Care Services, & Chief Nursing Officer, The Valley Hospital


Social Equality at Valley - Employee Experiences

joshua gregoire social equality council

Josh Gregoire - AVP, Quality/Performance Improvement and Valley Medical Group Clinical Operations

dijon mitchell social equality council

Dijon C. Mitchell - Practice Manager, VMG- Primary and Urgent Care, Riverdale

josette portalatin

Josette Portalatin - AVP, Patient Accounts, Valley Health System

tj ballesteros social equality council

TJ Ballestros - Director, Perioperative Services, The Valley Hospital

judy fernandez social equality council

Judy Fernandez - Manager, Environmental Services Department, The Valley Hospital

erika garcia social equality council

Erika Garcia - Family Nurse Practitioner, VMG-Primary and Urgent Care, Dumont