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Rewards of Obesity Surgery


Many health consequences associated with obesity are alleviated by weight loss after surgery.

Non insulin dependent diabetes is cured in 80 percent of diabetic patients after weight loss. Because the surgical procedures restrict the amount of food taken in, and the quantity of sweets consumed is lowered, medication is no longer necessary in 80 percent of patients.

High blood pressure is cured in approximately half of patients who successfully undergo weight loss surgery. These patients are able to reduce or discontinue their medications and maintain normal blood pressure, eliminating harmful side effects . Your medical doctor will help you decide when medications may be changed.

Weight-induced infertility can be reversed with significant weight loss. However, pregnancy should be delayed for one to two years after surgery until weight becomes stable. Pregnancy is not recommended before that time because the surgery interferes with normal nutrition which is unsafe for the mother and her fetus. However, since weight loss can significantly increase the chances of becoming pregnant, contraception is crucial to avoid an unsafe pregnancy.

Relief from sleep apnea (gaps in breathing during sleep) is a wonderful benefit from surgery for weight loss. 75-80 percent of patients with sleep apnea find resolution of the problem after surgery.

Hypoventilation, or shortness of breath, is significantly improved or reversed by weight loss. Seventy-five to eight percent of patients who have respiratory problems are demonstrably better after surgery.

Patients who have barely been able to walk because of joint pain find they can now participate in family activities, even sports. Lower back pain and disability from degenerative arthritis and disc disease is usually relieved after surgery. Improvement is evident after the loss of the first 25 to 30 pounds. But, if nerve irritation or structural damage are already present, complete relief of pain cannot be expected. Gastroesophageal reflux or severe heartburn, urinary incontinence, and venous problems of the leg can also improve dramatically.

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