The modified duodenal switch is the newest option for our bariatric patients. It is based on the traditional duodenal switch but is modified to significantly decrease the side effects and the risks of complications that are associated with the traditional operation.

Compared to other bariatric surgical procedures we offer, the modified duodenal switch results in the greatest weight loss and has been shown to have the best long-term results with respect to keeping weight off. This surgery is performed by creating a thin vertical sleeve of stomach, much like the sleeve gastrectomy. The first part of the intestine (the duodenum) is then divided and connected to the lower part of the small intestines (ileum), thereby bypassing a large portion of the small intestine. Weight loss is achieved by eating smaller portions, greatly reduced absorption of fats and nutrients, and significant alteration of the body’s gut hormones resulting in decreased hunger and increased satiety.

Patients can achieve an average excess weight loss of approximately 80 percent excess after surgery.