If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your first step will be to meet with a breast surgeon to discuss your breast cancer surgery options.

Valley’s Breast Center offers fellowship-trained breast surgeons who specialize in oncoplastic techniques, which combine plastic surgery approaches with breast cancer surgery.

Determining the Right Breast Cancer Surgery for You

At Valley, we will create individualized recommendations based on the specifics of your cancer, your preferences and treatment goals. Your breast cancer surgeon will discuss with you which type of surgery and treatment will be the best fit for you.

Breast Cancer Surgery at Valley

At Valley, we offer a variety of techniques, including the following.

Lumpectomy, or Breast-Conserving Surgery

  • Lumpectomy: Our surgeons offer lumpectomy, also known as breast-conserving surgery, using oncoplastic techniques. This innovative approach combines cancer surgery with established plastic surgery techniques to provide optimal cosmetic results.
  • Seed localization: For tumors that are difficult to feel (non-palpable), our surgeons use seed localization (vs. a wire) to identify the tumor’s location. This provides greater precision during tissue removal, reduces scarring and is typically more comfortable for patients.


At Valley, our breast surgeons have expertise in the following techniques:

  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy: Our surgeons offer the option to preserve the nipple and areola complex.
  • Skin-sparing mastectomy: Our surgeons remove all of the breast tissue while sparing the skin.
  • Modified radical mastectomy: Our surgeons remove the whole breast, plus lymph nodes under the arm.
  • Double mastectomy, also known as bilateral mastectomy: Our surgeons remove both breasts using any of the above approaches.

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

  • Breast reduction and/or breast lift after breast-conserving surgery: Using established plastic surgery techniques, our surgeons can perform a breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) and/or breast lift (mastoplexy) as part of the breast cancer operation.
  • Implant pre-pectoral placement reconstruction: Our surgeons place the breast implant above the chest muscle (pre-pectoral); this provides superior cosmetic results without disturbing the muscle.
  • One-stage reconstruction, or single-stage reconstruction: Our surgeons offer one-stage reconstruction at the time of breast cancer surgery.
  • Autologous tissue reconstruction (e.g., DIEP flap): Our plastic surgeons offer microvascular techniques for breast reconstruction.

Why Choose Valley for Breast Cancer Surgery?

  • Breast cancer-focused expertise: Our surgeons are experts and specialized in breast cancer surgery, with career-long dedication to providing innovative treatments. As part of a high-volume breast surgery program, they offer the latest techniques and excellent clinical outcomes.
  • Breast reconstruction options: We use a shared-decision making process, which means that we counsel our patients on their options and decide on a plan together. Our plastic surgeons and breast surgeons will discuss your breast reconstruction options with you.
  • Breast preservation options: Lumpectomy, or breast-conserving surgery, is the most common type of breast surgery performed at Valley. With our oncoplastic training, we are able to successfully provide breast-conserving surgery more often.
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy: This option provides a desirable cosmetic result. At Valley, the majority of our patients are able to have a nipple-sparing mastectomy.