Total number of minimally invasive sympathectomies performed between 2008 and 2016: 86

Areas of hyperhidrosis involvement that have been treated:

  • Hands
  • Armpit
  • Face

Perioperative Outcomes

Variable Number of Patients
Pneumothorax 0
Bleeding 0
Chest tube insertion 1*

*This patient had a fibrothorax (scar tissue) from prior infection and, because of that, had to have a chest tube placed after the surgery.

One patient had stayed overnight because of the chest tube. All other patients went home the day of surgery.


  • All patients, except for one, were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the procedure and would recommend the procedure to a friend or family member (96.6%).
  • Only 1 patient continued to have residual excessive sweating symptoms, even though the symptoms have somewhat improved.

Perioperative Complications

Variable Number of Patients
Horner’s Syndrome 0
Worsening dandruff 1
Decrease exercise tolerance 0
Hands are too dry 1
Gustatory sweating 0
Bothersome compensatory sweating*§ 2

*One patient developed compensatory sweating in the thighs and another in the back.

§Despite bothersome compensatory sweating, these 2 patients would still recommend the procedure to a friend or family member.