Valley's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) fleet of vehicles is prepared to assist patients who have a variety of medical and transportation needs. Our fleet includes advanced life support units, ambulances, a specialty care transport unit, a mobile integrated health vehicle, and the Valley Van.

Advanced Life Support Units

Valley’s EMS operates three advanced life support (ALS) units that are in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Two of the units are referred to as “fly cars,” because they are non-transporting vehicles that are staffed by two highly-trained paramedics carrying all of the necessary equipment to manage life-threatening emergencies. A third ALS unit is staffed by two paramedics responding in an ambulance. The same equipment is utilized, but the unit allows for the transportation of a patient if needed.



The Valley Hospital Emergency Medical Services ambulances are licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Health to respond to 911 calls in Valley’s surrounding communities when requested. Our ambulances are staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These ambulances are not a replacement for the EMTs that generously volunteer from our surrounding towns, but rather serve as professional backup to assure that emergency care is available to anyone in need. 

Our ambulances also provide non-emergent transportation of patients to or from The Valley Hospital or any of our healthcare locations. Fees for these services are reimbursable by most insurance companies. To make arrangements for non-emergent transport, please call the Transport Coordinator’s office at 201-251-3370

Specialty Care Transport Unit 

The Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU) cares for and transports critically-ill and injured patients of all ages both to and from The Valley Hospital. The SCTU ambulance is equipped with specialized medical equipment not found on most other ambulances. It is staffed by a registered nurse trained in critical care or emergency medicine, a mobile intensive care paramedic, and an EMT. 

While most inter-hospital transfers are local or regional, Valley’s SCTU has transported patients to healthcare facilities as far north as Boston and as far south as Washington, D.C.

The fee for inter-hospital transportation may be reimbursable by a patient’s insurance company, especially when this transfer is determined to be medically necessary by the patient’s physician.  

Healthcare providers: Learn more about scheduling a transfer for your patients.

Mobile Integrated Health

As part of an ever-growing need to manage and treat chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Valley’s mobile integrated health (MIH) vehicle allows for the MIH paramedic to evaluate and educate patients in the community, with the goal of promoting patient well-being and decreasing readmissions to the hospital. 


Valley Van


The Valley Van Transportation Service is a non-emergency ambulatory transportation service for patients who are unable to drive or don’t have access to public transportation. The transportation must be for a Valley Hospital service, and the patient must live less than 25 minutes away from The Valley Hospital. 

This service is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the transport must occur during the service’s hours of operation. For more information, call 201-447-8000, ext. 111-2507.