Patient navigator: Valley's diabetes navigator can help you make appointments at a time that’s convenient for you — and make sure you meet with the right providers. 

Holistic, comprehensive care: Valley recognizes that diabetes often exists with other conditions that put your overall health at risk. That’s why we look at your situation holistically, including your eye care, blood pressure, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1C and kidney health. We then connect you to Valley providers who can help you better manage all of these issues. 

Convenient retinal imaging and hemoglobin A1C testing: Valley endocrinologists and several of our primary care clinics offer convenient in-office testing of your eyes and your hemoglobin A1C. With retinal imaging, we can detect any changes in your eye health early — and during one of your regular appointments. We also offer point-of-care testing for hemoglobin A1C (using a finger prick) to assess how stable your blood sugar levels have been over time.

Help finding affordable medications: We know the rising cost of prescription drugs is a challenge for many. Your doctor will work with you to ensure you’re able to access any medications you need, and we offer supportive services for those wishing to cut back on medication or avoid taking insulin.

Continuous glucose monitoring: We offer leading-edge glucose monitoring technology, including the Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. An implantable sensor continuously tracks your blood sugar levels and vibrates to warn you of potentially dangerous changes. 

Additional guidance and support: Our social workers are available to guide all patients through identifying resources such as support groups, nutritional coaching, fitness assessments and training. Valley Home Care provides in-home assistance with insulin education. In addition, some patients may qualify for further diabetes education from Valley’s population health nurses. 

Counseling services: We believe comprehensive care includes considerations for mental health. That’s why Valley has partnered with CarePlus, who allows us to refer patients for counseling services on a walk-in basis.