Schedule a Safe Visit with a VMG Provider Now!

Over the past few months, you may have missed a medical appointment or put off seeking care from your primary care doctor or specialist. Now is the time to reschedule. 

Valley Medical Group is taking many steps to ensure you have a Safe Visit:

  • All offices have been reconfigured to meet social distancing guidelines and ensure patients can remain at least 6 feet from each other.
  • Scheduled appointments are staggered to limit patient arrivals and departures.
  • All patients must wear a mask or cloth face covering.
  • All patients are pre-screened for virus symptoms and have their temperature checked upon arrival.
  • Patients are asked to come to their appointments unaccompanied whenever possible.

A Safer Check-In Process

Patients will check in online and communicate with office staff by text when they arrive. This limits their time spent in common office areas, as well as contact with staff or other patients.

  • The patient will receive an email before their visit, with a link to the online check-in. They’ll also receive a phone call the day before to confirm their information, answer COVID-19 screening questions, and pay their copay (if applicable).
  • When the patient arrives for their visit, they’ll confirm their arrival via text message, while staying in their vehicle.
  • A front desk staff member will let the patient know when it’s time for them to come into the office. The patient will then go directly to the exam room for their appointment.