Valley Home Care’s Safe at Home program evaluates safety concerns – particularly those that increase the risk of falls – to help patients safely and independently return home after a stay in a rehabilitation center, following surgery or after an illness. 

Our team’s goal is to help patients live an independent life in their own homes.

Safe at Home Services

Some services are covered by Medicare. Please contact us for more information.

Home Safety Evaluations

Valley Home Care specialists will check for potential dangers like tripping hazards, as well as find and remove obstacles. 

Physical Evaluations

A physical therapist will assess the patient’s ability to move around and carry out activities of daily living. Exercises or a course of physical therapy may be recommended.

Personalized Recommendations

Following the home assessment, recommendations will be made for adaptive equipment, such as grab bars, railings and other assistive devices, and for the correction of any safety concerns observed, such as throw rugs, dim lighting, clutter, and narrow walkways. 

Each patient will receive a written copy of all the recommendations for their home, and a vendor list will be provided for any equipment or modifications that are indicated.