The Valley Hospital offers a 43-bed inpatient unit devoted to the care of older adults. The Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit provides a positive environment for senior patients – one in which their health, well-being and dignity are valued and protected.

The ACE Unit team works closely with patients’ primary care physicians to ensure the best care possible for each individual.

Specially Trained in Senior Care

Every staff member of Valley’s ACE Unit undergoes special training that enables them to recognize age-related changes in older patients; deliver healthcare services that are mindful of patients’ needs; offer a safe healthcare environment; and communicate effectively with patients and their families.

The core inpatient team includes: 

  • Geriatric nurses
  • Advanced practice nurses
  • Social workers
  • Clinical shift supervisors
  • Patient care associates
  • Pharmacists
  • Dietitians
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Patients’ physicians

ACE Unit Services

Services and amenities in the ACE unit are tailored to the needs of older patients:

  • Patient involvement: Patients are kept involved in their care and encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible, including taking short walks with assistance or supervision throughout the unit.
  • Attention to concerns: Our staff pays special attention to senior health issues such as fall prevention, nutrition, socialization and mobility.
  • Safe healthcare environment: Special details and amenities make our unit safer for older adults, such as dark-colored, easier-to-see handrails and toilet seats.
  • Sensory tools: Hearing amplifiers, magnifying glasses, ear plugs and other aids can assist patients in reading, communicating and resting.
  • Dementia and delirium evaluations: Our geriatric psychiatrist evaluates patients for unsuspected dementia concerns, and a dedicated taskforce identifies and prevents delirium among patients.
  • Holistic nursing: Valley’s holistic nursing program integrates traditional nursing practice and theory with complementary therapies provided at the bedside, such as massage, music, touch therapy, meditation and aromatherapy.