Welcome to The Valley Hospital Fertility Center IVF Patient Orientation and Education Module

Through this education program, we hope to familiarize you with the IVF process from beginning to end. After reviewing all three modules, please complete the Post Test.

To begin, click on Launch Module 1 under Required Modules. You will be able to pause or stop the modules at any time and continue at your convenience.

After you complete the Post Test, you will be able to download and print all of the modules as well as the ASRM Fact Sheets, Medication Sheets and other documents.

Please note that you must complete the IVF education program in order to start your IVF cycle.

For assistance or to schedule your Go visit, please call 201-634-5400.

To learn how to administer your medications, please visit the Freedom Fertility Pharmacy at www.freedommedteach.com.