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Psychoeducational Evaluations


If you have concerns about your child’s readiness for kindergarten, academic performance, or issues that may affect his/her ability to learn in school, you may want to consider a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation at the Kireker Center for Child Development. Our licensed psychologist, Debra Couturier-Fagan, Ph.D., MSEd, has more than 25 years of experience in evaluating children and adolescents for their educational abilities and in making recommendations for interventions to help children succeed in school.

Our Services

During a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, your child will be assessed for:

  • cognitive abilities and/or delays
  • reading skills
  • learning disorders
  • academic strengths and weaknesses
  • kindergarten readiness
  • academic giftedness
  • attention
  • language processing
  • anxiety

Our licensed psychologist, Debra Couturier-Fagan, Ph.D., MSEd, works closely with your child’s private pediatrician and our Kireker Center developmental pediatricians and therapists to suggest interventions that may enhance your child’s lifelong learning process.

Some of the interventions that Dr. Couturier-Fagan may recommend or refer children and their parents to include:

  • Early Intervention Programs (before age 3)
  • school-based programs
  • tutors
  • sleep disorders evaluation
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech-language therapy
  • audiology (hearing) evaluation
  • auditory processing
  • social work services
  • community resources
  • individual or family counseling
  • parent support groups
  • games and activities that you can do at home

Your Child’s Appointment

When you call 201-447-8151 for an appointment for your child, we will send you a packet of information for you to fill out and mail back to us before the appointment. It will include parent and teacher questionnaires. Dr. Couturier-Fagan also needs to review all private and/or school evaluations that your child may have already undergone, as well as copies of report cards, school standardized tests, and examples of school work.

You should plan to be at our center for one and one-half to two and one-half hours at each appointment for your child’s psychoeducational evaluation and discussion of findings/recommendations. Please do not bring any siblings with you. Our professionals will evaluate your child in a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere while you wait in the waiting room. Generally, most children require just one comprehensive evaluation, but he/she may need to be re-tested in the future.

Your Child’s Results

At the completion of your child’s evaluation (one or two sessions depending on your child’s grade), a parent conference will be held. This is for parents only so please do not bring your child to this meeting. Dr. Couturier-Fagan will go over the results with you. She will advise you if there are any other evaluations that will help your child. She will also make recommendations for school-based or community-based interventions that will benefit your child. You and your pediatrician will receive a written report that summarizes the evaluation, results, and recommendations.

Our Team

Debra Couturier-Fagan, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in evaluating and treating children and adolescents. She received her master of science in education degree in infant and parent development and elementary education from Bank Street College of Education and her master of arts degree in psychology from the City College of the City University of New York. She completed her doctorate in developmental psychology at Yeshiva University in New York City.

Dr. Couturier-Fagan is joined by the Kireker Center for Child Development’s developmental pediatricians, neonatologists, physiatrist, sleep medicine physicians, rehabilitation medicine therapists, and other professionals in providing evaluations and treatment for children and adolescents so they can reach their full potential. Dr. Couturier-Fagan works closely with her patients’ private physicians and education professionals in the school systems to help each child attain learning success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my child’s appointment last?
A. You can expect to be here at the Kireker Center for Child Development for one and one-half to two and one-half hours so that we can complete an extensive psychoeducational evaluation of your child.

Q. What should I bring for my child’s evaluation?
A. When you call for an appointment, you will receive a packet of information in the mail to fill out and mail back to us. We must have this information BEFORE we can schedule your child’s appointment. Please bring your insurance card and your driver’s license with you to the first appointment. Please DO NOT bring any siblings. We suggest you bring reading material or something to occupy your time while you wait for your child to be evaluated.

Q. What tests are administered?
A. The tests administered by Dr. Couturier-Fagan are well-standardized tests of intellectual and academic functioning with excellent reliability and good validity. For IQs, we administer the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fourth Edition (WISC-IV), and for academic achievement testing, we administer the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test –Third Edition (WIAT-III). Along with these tests, additional assessment tools are used as determined by the needs of the child. These can include other reading, visual-motor, kindergarten readiness, and memory tests.

Q. When will I receive the results of my child’s evaluation?
A. At a parent conference, Dr. Couturier-Fagan discuss the results with you and make recommendations and referrals for any treatment, therapy, or interventions that will help your child attain learning success. You and your pediatrician will receive a written report summarizing the evaluation, results, and recommendations. We will also let you know if your child will need to be re-tested in the future.

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