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Journeys Art Gallery

Welcome to the Journeys Art Gallery. Here, we present the art work of children in the Journeys Program. For more information on Journeys, click here or e-mail Journeys Art Therapist Laura V. Loumeau-May, M.P.S., A.T.R.-B.C., L.P.C. at

Click on the art work for an enlarged view.

Hero Quest

The Hero Quest Workshop is a special event offered to the community by the Journeys Program of Valley Home Care. At the workshop, the development of resiliency in response to the challenge of illness or loss was compared to the ‘training’ of the Hero. The first activity of the program was to select ‘power animals’ and decorate personal shields.
Following the creation of shields (power objects), attendees participated in a demonstration led by Philip Ross of the American Eagle Martial Arts Academy who explained how the qualities of certain animals were emulated and harnessed to physically empower the Hero.
  Each child had selected an animal image for symbolic reasons. Art Therapists Laura Loumeau-May, Tamara Bogdanova, and Julie Mansfield were on hand to assist and talk about the meanings of animals selected. Some chose the dog because it is a protective companion. In the third part of the Hero Training, helpful animal companions or guides were introduced. Pet Therapist Joanne Silver brought two ‘service dogs’ trained to interact in a responsive way.
  Participants learned that mythology can inform reality and inspire heroic action for change. The last two activities of the workshop were energizing, calming, and centering; a rousing spiritual drumming circle led by Richard Reiter was followed by a blessing of the shields by chaplain Debra Sheridan, who also read a story about loss and reparation.

Relationship And Loss

  In order to help ‘prepare’ a six year old girl for the approaching death of her father, several joint art therapy sessions were held. In one session, father and daughter drew portraits of each other. This girl depicted her father as mentally and emotionally preoccupied with getting everything done and staying ‘in the driver’s seat’ as his body became weak and physically frail.
  In the first art therapy session following the death of her father, this fourteen year old girl meticulously created a detailed collage to represent the absolute separation she felt between her father’s world in Heaven and hers on earth.
  Paint, art board, and imagination provided the necessary ingredients for this nine year old boy, who recreated the memory of his deceased father playing soccer with him everyday after school. The role of memory is important in helping maintain a connection with a loved one who has died.
  Four years after the sudden death of his father, this boy, now thirteen, drew a self portrait which combined his father’s features with his own. As he matured and began to physically resemble his father, he realized that he had also grown spiritually and psychologically. He had developed strengths of his own as well as many his father had possessed.
Journeys Support Group

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