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Healthy Bites: April 2012

Spring Time Means Spring Cleaning

Take some time this Spring to clean out the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Get rid of anything that has expired. Also, eliminate the tempting food items that keep you from meeting your health goals. Start fresh this season and prepare for the Summer months and the vacation season by replacing those items with healthier food choices to include in meals and snacks. Try to implement a tip each week:

  1. Rid your pantry of old, expired, or tempting food items.
  2. Once empty, scrub the shelves and surfaces clean.
  3. Make a food list of healthy foods and snack items to purchase.
  4. Include whole grains, seasonal vegetables and fruits, lean protein, and dairy foods.
  5. Try to eat more local, seasonal foods for better taste that usually cost less and benefit the environment.
  6. Try a local farmer's market where you can find the freshest foods of the season sold directly from their growers.
  7. Visit the USDA Farmer's market web site,, to find a local market near you.
  8. Start an herb garden outside or in a small pot inside the house; parsley and basil are very easy to grow and taste delicious.
  9. Use the fresh herbs to flavor your foods instead of adding salt.
  10. Enjoy spending more time outside walking, gardening, or admiring the beautiful colors of the season.

Make an appointment for our A Healthy You nutrition guidance program by calling 201-634-5371.

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