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New Clot-Removing Procedure for Ischemic Stroke Patients:
Trevo® Pro Retriever


At The Valley Hospital’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence, our neurosurgeons are now using the Trevo® Pro Retrieval System’s clot removal technology for patients experiencing ischemic stroke.

This potentially life-saving technique has been shown to achieve the highest rate of revascularization, the opening of blood vessels, and demonstrates significantly better post-procedure revascularization compared to its competitors.

The advancement helps physicians at Valley’s designated Primary Stroke Center treat patients faster, and may prevent patients from more devastating effects of a larger stroke.

Please see the video presentation below:

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How It Works:

Using a balloon-guide catheter, a guide wire is inserted into the blocked artery and through the clot. With the help of fluoroscopic imaging, the Trevo® Pro Retriever is advanced up through the microscopic catheter, and positioned. The blood clot conforms to the shape of the retriever, allowing for maximum clot integration and optimal removal. The micro catheter, the Trevo Pro Retriever, and the blockage are then simultaneously retracted from the blood vessel and vital blood flow though the artery is immediately restored.

What is Acute Ischemic Stroke?

Ischemic stroke occurs when the brain’s blood supply is cut off by a blood clot blocking a blood vessel. A blood clot may make its way through the arteries and up toward the brain, causing a blockage, stopping blood flow, and depriving brain tissue of oxygen.

The most vital step in treating an ischemic stroke is rapidly removing the blockage and restoring blood flow to the area, helping to preserve as much healthy brain tissue as possible.

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