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Holistic Childbirth Consultations
(Formerly The Center for Holistic Birth)
Creating a Positive Atmosphere for Childbirth



The Center for Childbirth encourages moms-to-be to create a birth path that’s right for them. When a woman attends our Holistic Childbirth Consultation sessions – available through The Valley Hospital’s Center for Family Education – she empowers herself with knowledge about available options during her birth experience, whether it be a medically supported childbirth or a natural childbirth.

We believe that pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful, natural events that are enhanced by knowing what to expect and by creating a calming atmosphere for mother and baby, both before and during childbirth. Our approach to helping moms-to-be always considers the mind, body and spirit.  The philosophies of our Center emphasize personalized care for each mother’s unique labor and delivery. These are not new theories or ideas, but ones that have been practiced successfully and humanely for hundreds of years by midwives, nurses, doulas, and other birth attendants all over the world.  We emphasize that helping a mother and her family bring their child into the world is a blessing and a privilege and should be viewed as such by every nurse who enters a labor and delivery room.  We espouse Ms. Watson’s holistic nursing practice and the positive effects holistic nursing in our labor, delivery, and recovery rooms can bring to the mother, baby, and nurses as well.

Our main goal is to ensure that the journey of pregnancy and childbirth is as rewarding as possible for mother, baby and family.

Creating a Birth Path

This unique consultation program includes one 3-hour group session and one 1-hour private consultation, which takes place on a separate date from the group consultation. The 3-hour group session, offered by midwives and maternity nurses, covers issues such as self-care, what to expect during labor, how to cope during labor and comfort measures to contribute to relaxation, and the role of the epidural.  In the private consultation session, moms-to-be will create a birth path, a personalized summary of her ideal birth experience that will help to guide her obstetrician, midwife and nurses throughout the childbirth process upon her admission. Although every labor and delivery is different and unforeseen events can happen, many basic options can be decided in advance. The goals of the private consultation are for her to form a strong partnership with her physician/midwife and to gain all the support needed to enter into this important life-changing event with confidence.

Both the group session and the private session are included in the consultation fee.

Childbirth Consultations include:

  • One 3-hour group consultation of 3-4 couples, followed by a private consultation. (We like to see new mothers-to-be when they are 28 weeks pregnant. Please call 201-447-8488 any time after 20 weeks to set up your first appointment or click the link below to register online.)
  • Preparation that assists the mother in exploring the many options available during labor and delivery (e.g., childbirth partner, who is in the room during labor, a doula, medication, the lighting and other holistic techniques that can be integrated into the childbirth experience).
  • Information on upcoming Family Education classes for expectant parents from preconception through birth.
  • Information on integrative healing services that nurture the mind/body/spirit connection and enhance positive childbirth, such as our hydrotherapy tub to induce relaxation, therapeutic massage, essential oils, soothing music, acupressure, other complementary holistic therapies for pain management.
  • Post-partum options available to you during your hospital stay, including visitor preferences.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit


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