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Reach for Hope Program


Cancer patients may face additional anxiety with fertility preservation and financial decisions.

The Valley Hospital Fertility Center (VHFC) Reach for Hope Program is an additional tier of financial assistance for cancer patients pursuing IVF for fertility preservation. Our Reach for Hope Program is a specific fund available only for cancer patients who have also qualified for assistance with the Fertile Hope Program. The programs work in conjunction with one another. With many thanks to donors Enrico and Danielle Gagliotti, our Reach for Hope Program reduces the patient’s financial responsibility for their IVF cycle. Your first step is to communicate your financial concerns to your VHFC physician.

Your physician will then refer you to a VHC Billing Coordinator who will guide you through your financial options. Your second step would be to apply for the Fertile Hope Program. Our Billing Coordinators will direct you to their web site to complete the application.

If you are an approved applicant, Fertile Hope will supply and deliver your medications to our center for your IVF cycle. The VHFC accepts a greatly reduced payment for the IVF cycle. This will include your ultrasounds, hormonal blood tests, retrieval charges, and cryopreservation of embryos or oocytes.

Once Fertile Hope has approved your application, you will be given a very similar application for our Reach for Hope Program. The financial requirements are similar. The benefit amount is need-based on your personal financial situation. Please let us know about any additional circumstances that might determine your benefit amount. Once your application has been reviewed by our Reach for Hope team, one of our Billing Coordinators will advise you of your benefit amount.

For more information regarding our Reach for Hope Program, please contact our Billing Coordinators Joan Andrito, or Nasrin Samimi-Shahpar at 201-634-5520 or 201-634-5513.

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