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Technical Specifications of Valley’s PET scanner


Valley’s PET scanning unit is an ECAT ACCEL PET Scanner manufactured by CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc., and marketed by Siemens Medical. The ECAT ACCEL is the first clinical PET scanner to use sophisticated lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO) crystal technology, which offers the highest performance and image quality available in PET scanning today. Its images are superior to other machines on the market, including combined PET/CT scanners. In addition, the ECAT ACCEL reduces whole-body PET scanning time by 50 percent -- from 40 to 20 minutes.

"We evaluated a number of scanners and believe we made the best choice for our patients in purchasing this technology," said Philip Sorabella, MD, Subspecialty Director of Nuclear Medicine and PET Imaging. "The images produced by this machine are unparalleled in the field. Obviously, the better the images, the more accurate the diagnoses."

PET, or Positron Emission Tomography, is a lifesaving molecular imaging technology that is unsurpassed in the diagnosis and staging of cancer, as well in the diagnosis of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Unlike MRIs and CT scans, which produce still images of physical structures in the body, PET is revolutionary because it tracks actual metabolic processes and body function, dramatically distinguishing cancerous and other diseased tissue from normally functioning cells.

"The use of PET scanning will allow Valley Hospital physicians to select optimum treatment plans for their patients. It is a wonderful new tool and we are happy to have it as a part of our new Cancer Center services," said Dr. Sorabella.

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