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Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery


Please click here to visit and watch video presentations from two of our patients whose lives have been transformed by weight-loss surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

The Valley Hospital's Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery has been designated a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery. Click here for more information.

Interested in obesity surgery? Learn more at an educational seminar. For seminars presented by Valley's Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery, click here. For seminars presented by Vadim Gritsus, M.D., please click here. 

bariatric team 2014The Valley Hospital's Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery offers Bergen County residents exceptional, comprehensive care — minus the drive to Manhattan for consultation, surgery and follow-up. The program is located at 579 Franklin Turnpike in Ridgewood. Call 201-251-3480 for more information.

Our surgeons evaluate each prospective patient in a detailed consultation. Then the most appropriate surgical option is chosen: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, or adjustable gastric banding. All of these procedures are performed laparoscopically through tiny incisions in the abdomen.

The program is led by director and surgeon Beth Schrope, M.D., Ph.D.(center); and the physician staff includes Marc Bessler, M.D.(right), and Melissa Bagloo, M.D. (left).

According to Dr. Schrope, minimally invasive bariatric surgery significantly reduces incision size and recovery time. "We use a laparoscopic technique, inserting a fiber optic instrument through a small incision—barely the size of a thumbnail. This technique reduces blood loss, the chance of wound complications, and overall discomfort. The technique also reduces the amount of time patients stay in the hospital.”

Vadim Gritsus, MD
Vadim Gritsus, M.D.
Also practicing obesity surgery at Valley is Vadim Gritsus, M.D., who has a practice in Paramus.

Dr. Gritsus is a board-certified surgeon with primary interest and expertise in minimally invasive bariatric surgery. He was the first surgeon to introduce laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric band procedures at The Valley Hospital.

His philosophy in the treatment of obesity is to provide the least traumatic approach to surgical procedures. “Earlier, traditional high-risk techniques precluded patients with multiple medical problems to have weight loss surgery,” says Dr. Gritsus. “Current advances in minimally invasive surgery have made this lifesaving operation available to virtually anyone.”

“Obesity is a multifactorial medical problem that requires a comprehensive approach of many specialists,” says Dr. Gritsus. “To achieve the best possible result in the treatment of this debilitating condition, the patients have to rely on carefully developed and individualized support.” The goal of Dr. Gritsus’ practice is to provide surgical weight loss solutions to patients with a wide range of co-morbidities along with nutritional support and counseling, behavioral modification strategies and exercise. To meet Dr. Gritsus in person during a free education seminar please call 201-265-0080, view a schedule at the top of this page, or go to

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