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The Valley Hospital Presents Tourniquets to Paramus Police Force


Tuesday, April 15 — The Valley Hospital recently presented 170 tourniquets to the Mayor, Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police of Paramus for use in on-scene emergency trauma response.  The tourniquets, called C-A-T tourniquets are military tested and approved for trauma scene needs.
The availability of a tourniquet can make a significant difference in a life or death situation.  The tourniquet offers the same benefits to EMS users as it has over the past 3 years for America’s military soldiers.  If a police officer is to be shot or injured in an extremity they could apply the tourniquet to themselves.  This would allow them time for help to arrive.  Without the tourniquet they could bleed to death prior to help arriving. It can also be used to respond to traumatic accidents involving a member of the community with a severely injured extremity.  

Valley's Department of Emergency Services is donating almost 1,000 of these tourniquets to approximately 500 police officers in 16 area towns. Paramus was the first to receive their tourniquets.

Shown here during the tourniquet presentation are (from left):  Robert Giudetti, Deputy Chief of Police, Kenneth Ehrenberg, Chief of police; Lafe Bush, Director of Emergency Services, The Valley Hospital, and Mayor Richard LaBarbiera.

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