If you are scheduled for a procedure at The Valley Hospital, you can be assured that we have created a safe environment for you to receive the important medical care you need. Detailed safety procedures are in place to ensure your safety, and the safety of others who arrive with you.

Select an area below to learn what to expect when you arrive for a procedure at The Valley Hospital:

Electrophysiology Lab, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, & Same Day Medicine

Arrival & Registration

When you and a family member arrive at the hospital’s lobby, you will have your temperatures checked and will be asked to answer screening questions on COVID-19 risk factors and exposures.

You will then meet your Patient Ambassador – this person will be with you the entire time to provide assistance and guidance to you and your family member.

Your Patient Ambassador will escort you to the Patient Access Center (PAC) for registration. Your family member may accompany you only if necessary.

Your loved one will be given a waiting location and other instructions from the Patient Ambassador, including a tracking number to check your status using the Virtual Waiting Room.


You are then escorted to Same Day Medicine by the Patient Ambassador. (A wheelchair is provided if necessary or requested.) After you have been prepared for the procedure, your loved one may join you in the Same Day area and is escorted there by the Patient Ambassador.

Your loved one may stay with you until the procedure. All patients and their loved ones are socially distanced from each other. The procedural team and physician will meet with you and your loved one before the procedure, as is routine at Valley.

With the procedure about to begin, your family member is escorted to the lobby, where they are asked to exit the hospital until the procedure is completed.

Post-Procedure & Discharge

When the procedure is over, the physician will call the family member of record (often the same person who accompanied the patient to the hospital) to discuss the procedure results and plan for admission or discharge.

For admitted patients, the family member can return to the hospital after the patient has been placed in a room. The family member should follow Valley’s COVID visiting policies.

For patients to be discharged, the family member will be called by the Same Day staff with instructions on when to return to pick up the patient. The patient is brought via wheelchair to the main entrance, where they exit from the lobby and into the car of family member.

If you have any questions about our safety protocols in these areas, please call 201-447-8414.