If you currently have COVID-19 and meet certain criteria, The Valley Hospital may be able to provide treatment to you using monoclonal antibodies.

Please contact your doctor to be evaluated for treatment.

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What is Monoclonal Antibody Treatment?

The treatment involves a single infusion of monoclonal antibodies, which are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system's ability to fight off harmful antigens, such as viruses.

How Does Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Work?

The monoclonal antibody-based medication is designed to bind to the coronavirus, preventing it from invading cells. When given within the first 10 days of symptom onset, it may reduce the progression of the disease and prevent hospitalizations.

Who is eligible for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment?

Monoclonal antibody treatment is available to individuals who meet certain high-risk medical requirements. To qualify, you must have mild to moderate COVID-19 and not be hospitalized. In order to receive this treatment, patients must be treated within 10 days of the initial onset of symptoms. 

Please contact your doctor to be evaluated for treatment and for more information. Do not delay contacting your doctor if you are interested in treatment.