The Center for Integrative Medicine offers gentle therapeutic yoga classes at its yoga studio, located at 1200 East Ridgewood Ave. (West Wing, 3rd floor) in Ridgewood: 

Gentle Therapeutic Chair Yoga

This class adapts yoga positions and poses through the creative use of a chair. The practice is done seated or using a chair for support during standing and balance poses. This allows for greater stability to help you feel supported and safe. The adaptive poses offer even those with health or healing restrictions, decreased range of motion or physical challenges the benefits of a more traditional practice. We breathe, stretch, balance, get stronger and smile!

Chair yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions. Our Monday class can be adapted to chair or mat.

Gentle Therapeutic Mat Yoga

This class will open your body and mind to the wonderful benefits of yoga. A mixed level flow that will challenge you just enough. Classes have the perfect combination of gentle stretching, breath control, asana flow, and soothing music to nourish you deep into your soul.

Yoga poses are practiced at a safe, strong, gentle pace, allowing the body and mind to open up and release while bringing the body and mind into balance. Verbal cues and modifications are given throughout the practice, making the class accessible to all levels, combining flexibility, strength and intention. Leave refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle your week!

Yoga is practiced on the mats in a slow and steady flow. Students must be able to get up and down off the mats as practice moves from seated to standing.

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday
Gentle Therapeutic Yoga (Chair or Mat) with Gwen McCarthy
11 a.m. - Noon 
Gentle Therapeutic Mat Yoga with Abby Denny
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Class Fees

Individual class: $14
5 classes: $60
10 classes: $100

Checks can be made out to Valley Medical Group; credit card payments can also be taken at the yoga studio.

Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga