Valley’s Center for Sleep Medicine Earns Reaccreditation

February 1, 2019

The Valley Hospital’s Center for Sleep Medicine has recently earned reaccreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). In addition to serving adults with sleep disorders, the Center also encompasses the Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Apnea Center, which provides sleep studies for infants, children and teens. 

Facilities that hold the five-year AASM accreditation, such as The Center for Sleep Medicine, provide the highest quality of patient care in the field of sleep medicine and demonstrate a commitment to the provision of quality diagnostic services, according to AASM. Accreditation by the AASM is the gold standard by which the public and the medical community can evaluate sleep medicine services. The Center for Sleep Medicine has held AASM accreditation since 2008.

“We are proud to have earned reaccreditation by the AASM,” said Dr. Jeffrey Barasch, Medical Director, The Center for Sleep Medicine. “Earning reaccreditation demonstrates that Valley’s sleep medicine programs continue to meet the highest standards of quality patient care.”

To earn AASM accreditation, sleep facilities must meet the AASM Standards for Accreditation that reflect the most recent models of clinical practice in sleep medicine. 

The Center for Sleep Medicine has also been granted Out of Center Sleep Testing accreditation, which enables the Center to offer sleep studies to adults in the comfort of their homes if appropriate.

“Sleep disorders are an important contributor to health problems, including cardiac disease, obesity and accidents,” said Dr. Barasch. “Diagnosing and treating sleep disorders improves people’s health and quality of life.”

The Center for Sleep Medicine is located at 579 Franklin Turnpike in Ridgewood.  To reach the Center for Sleep Medicine, please call 201-251-3487. To schedule a consultation with the Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Apnea Center, please call 201-447-8152.