Valley Earns CEO Cancer Gold Standard Re-Accreditation

June 30, 2019

Valley Health System has been re-accredited with the CEO CancerCancer Gold 2019 Gold Standard™ for maintaining a strong commitment to the health of its employees through healthy workplace initiatives and access to quality cancer prevention and treatment services. Valley has held CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation since 2013, or seven consecutive years.

The CEO Roundtable on Cancer, a nonprofit organization of CEOs founded by former President George H.W. Bush, developed the Gold Standard™, an employee wellness accreditation program that recognizes healthcare organizations whose work to fight cancer among its employees is exemplary in five areas: prevention, including maintaining a tobacco-free workplace, nutrition and physical activity; screening and early detection; access to clinical trials; access to quality treatment; and health education and promotion.

“Valley is proud to be recognized once again for providing high quality, cancer-prevention services and programs to our employees,” said Audrey Meyers, President and CEO, Valley Health System and The Valley Hospital. “This re-accreditation reflects our priority on making wellness an integral part of Valley Health System's culture.”

In addition, Valley’s Fast Track Screening Colonoscopy Program has been selected as a Gold Standard Best Practice. The Fast Track Screening Colonoscopy Program, which is offered through Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care, makes it easier and more affordable to schedule a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer. It streamlines the process of scheduling a colonoscopy procedure by eliminating the need for patients to meet with a gastroenterologist for a pre-procedure appointment; they simply come in on the day of their procedure. In its first year, Valley has performed more than 160 Fast Track colonoscopies.

“As a Gold Standard employer, [Valley] is sending a strong message to its employees each and every day: ‘We care about your health,’  said Martin J. Murphy, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, CEO Roundtable on Cancer.

For more information on the CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ and the no-cost, web-based accreditation process, please visit