Anna Kundel, MD

Medical Director, Endocrine Surgery

Anna Kundel, MD
Endocrine & Metabolic Surgery
Valley Medical Group
Member, ColigoCare
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VMG Endocrine Surgery

1200 East Ridgewood Avenue
Suite 108 - East Wing
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Phone: 201-389-1285
Fax: 201-445-4195



MD, Tufts University School Of Medicine, 2002 - 2006


The Mayo Clinic, Endocrine & Metabolic Surgery, 2012 - 2013

Weill Cornell Medical Center-Presbyterian Hospital, Endocrinology, 2008 - 2009

Internship & Residency

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, General Surgery, 2006 - 2012

Board Certifications

American Board Of Surgery - Certified, 2013

Get to Know Me

What are some of the specific conditions you treat?

Thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism, thyroid goiters, enlarged thyroid, thyroid biopsies, parathyroid disease, primary hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia, secondary hyperparathyroidism, tertiary hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid cancer, adrenal disease, adrenal nodules, adrenal cancer, lymph node enlargement, lymph node biopsies, soft tissue tumors, lipomas and sebaceous cysts.

What techniques or procedures do you use in your practice?

Thyroid surgery, total and partial thyroidectomy, thyroid biopsies, minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, parathyroid explorations, parathyroid re-implantation, laparoscopic adrenalectomy, open adrenalectomy, lymph node dissections, lymph node biopsies (fine needle and excisional), soft tissue excision (in office and in the operating room), lipoma excision and skin cyst excision.

Publications & Research

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Very considerate with my involvement of careEasy to converse with.
Wonderful, caring [...] doctor. I'm very happy with this practice
Dr kundel is always friendly and concerned and worried about my health
Dr Kundel was reassuring and listened carefully to my questions and concerns. I feel much more comfortable heading into my upcoming surgery. Dr Kundel is very reassuring, confident and caring. Very impressive!
Dr. Kundel was knowledgeable, caring and patiently explained about my biopsy procedures. I feel very confident in her ability. She is very kind and compassionate.