Prospective Randomized Trial of the Optimal Evaluation of Cardiac Symptoms and Revascularization


The study will be a prospective, pragmatic, randomized clinical trial of the comparative effectiveness of diagnostic evaluation strategies for stable CAD, to be performed in outpatient settings, including primary care and cardiology practices.


  • Stable typical or atypical symptoms suggesting possible coronary artery disease (CAD) with further non-emergent testing or elective catheterization recommended to evaluate the presence of suspected CAD
  • Safe performance of cCTA:
    • Creatinine clearance ≥45 ml/min
    • For a female participant of childbearing potential, a pregnancy test must be performed with negative results known within 7 days prior to randomization
  • Willingness to comply with all aspects of the protocol, including adherence to the assigned strategy and follow-up visits