Lung Genomics

Analysis of Gene Expression in Lung Cancer


The aim of this study is to perform gene expression analysis of PBMC, blood plasma and serum, and tissues, determine the differential expression patterns comparing lung cancer patients to controls in terms of gene copy number, gene expression, DNA methylation, RNA and microRNA signature, and single nucleotide polymorphisms.


  • Lung Cancer Patients: Patients who received surgical operation or treatment for Stage I lung cancer. (Consent to WIRB#20140430 and this study)
  • Surgical Benign Controls: Patients had surgery for suspected cancer but post-surgically determined to be non-cancerous. (Consent to WIRB#20140430 and this study)
  • Surgical Controls: Patients receiving a noncancerous thoracic and lung surgical procedure. (Consent to WIRB#20140430 and this study)
  • Recurrent Lung Cancer Patients who have pre-operative blood stored in TVH Biorepository from their first diagnosed Stage I lung cancer surgery who received a lobectomy.  (Consent to WIRB#20140430 and this study)
  • Pulmonary Nodules Patients: Patients with pulmonary nodules and are closely monitored for tumor growth but not yet have surgery or treatment. (Consent to this study)
  • Lung Cancer Patients from all stages who will not have surgical treatment. (Consent to this study)
  • Lung Disease Patients – patients who non-cancerous lung diseases and are treated non-surgically for the illness. (Consent to this study)
  • Screening Patients – patients undergoing imaging screening with unknown cancer status. (Consent to WIRB#20140430)
  • Health Donors: Donors who are healthy with no cancer or lung diseases. (Consent to WIRB#20141541)