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Employee Assistance Program


Human resources research has established that employees experiencing mental health or substance abuse related problems incur deficiencies in attendance, workplace accidents, conduct and work quality and quantity. Deficiencies in these areas adversely affect an organization’s capacity to achieve targeted levels of profitability, customer service, community responsiveness and employee morale.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are structured to provide an accessible, comprehensive and cost effective approach to the management of mental health and substance abuse related employee problems. Distressed and impaired employees either seek or are referred to the EAP. Interventions range from education to the provision of brief treatment with referral and case management of employees. The EAP serves to enhance existing mental health benefits by rapidly resolving manageable problems and efficiently interacting with the health insurance plan to facilitate more intensive treatment when clinically required.

EAPs reduce healthcare and disability claims, increase productivity and improve attendance through the provision of the following core services:

employee wellness and behavioral health awareness education
information and referral services (mental health, childcare, eldercare, etc.)
crisis intervention, assessment and brief treatment
case management and benefits advocacy
supervisory consultation
management training (conflict resolution, problem identification, etc.)

Valley Health Workplace Connection provides you with the highest quality EAP services available. We provide employers with an accessible, comprehensive, confidential and cost-effective approach to the management of mental health and substance abuse related employee problems.

For more information, call Valley Health Workplace Connection at 1-800-637-1136, or use our convenient Contact Us form.

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