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Discharge Planning Information


The information provided here is designed to help you understand how the Case Management/Social Work team will help you arrange for care after a hospital stay. In most cases, this process, known as Discharge Planning, will begin on the first day of admission into the hospital. We have an informational brochure, When It Is Time To Go Home, that explains in some detail the discharge planning process and some options for care.

Insurance Coverage 

Although insurance coverage varies, there is an increasing trend for all insurance carriers (including Medicare and Medicaid) to pay for hospitalization only during the “acute” phase of an illness or surgical recovery. This means that your full recovery will usually occur in a setting other than in a hospital room. In addition, many insurance companies have implemented admitting patients to the hospital under “observation” status. This means that although you’re staying overnight in a hospital bed and having tests and/or surgical procedures done, the treatment is being provided as an outpatient service. Your hospital status (whether you are an “inpatient” or “observation”) affects how much you will pay for hospital services (i.e., X-rays, drugs, and lab tests), and may also affect whether you will be eligible for care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) following your hospital stay.

Insurance Coverage for Inpatients vs. Outpatients

The Valley Hospital is dedicated to helping you understand your admission status and options as we understand it can be very confusing. For more information regarding “observation” vs. “inpatient”, you may read more below.

 “Are You a Hospital Inpatient or Outpatient? If you have Medicare – Ask!” 

“Find out if you're an inpatient or an outpatient—it affects what you pay”

The Valley Hospital’s Understanding Observation Care

If you have been admitted to The Valley Hospital’s Clinical Decision Unit, you may click here for more information.

Scheduled Admissions

For those having a scheduled admission, such as orthopedic or cardiac surgery, you may have the opportunity to meet with a case manager prior to your surgery date. During these meetings, we can help you to understand what to expect during your recovery after discharge from the hospital.

Determining Your Discharge Date

Your physician will decide when to discharge you depending on your physical condition and discharge needs. The discharge planning team of case managers and/or social workers will educate patients and their families on the options available after discharge from the hospital, confer with insurance companies, and make referrals. We will coordinate a plan for continued care in order to organize your departure from the hospital in a timely and organized way.

Your discharge planner will discuss with you services that can be provided upon discharge. Available options and coverage for these services will vary. The most common discharge options are listed below.

Insurances Accepted By The Valley Hospital/Medicare

Patients should contact their insurance provider to obtain coverage and network provider information. Click here to see a list of insurances accepted by The Valley Hospital.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you may call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit Medicare's website to obtain covered benefit information (

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