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Medical Fitness Center


The Valley Hospital Medical Fitness Center is a unique exercise facility designed specifically for individuals who do not want to join a traditional health club or for whom a health club may not be appropriate.

Perhaps you have just completed physical, occupational or cardiac rehabilitation. Or you have a special health condition, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis, and want a personal plan of exercise that addresses your health concerns. Maybe you have never exercised before and want guidance in starting an exercise program. Valley's Medical Fitness Center can help.

We offer professionally supervised fitness programs designed by highly skilled exercise professionals. Our friendly, encouraging staff will design a personal exercise program just for you, show you how to use the equipment and teach you how to incorporate a regular exercise routine into your lifestyle.

A Personal Plan for Exercise

Valley's Medical Fitness Center provides the equipment, facilities and qualified, caring staff to enable you to:

  • continue the progress you made during medical treatment or rehabilitation
  • improve your overall physical condition in a safe and supervised environment
  • monitor your heart rate during exercise and your blood pressure before and after exercise
  • develop a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise

We also provide access to the full range of health and wellness programs offered by The Valley Hospital, including nutritional counseling, stress management, weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

AfterCare Fitness

The cornerstone of our Medical Fitness Center is AfterCare Fitness, a comprehensive fitness program designed to pick up where physical, occupational or cardiac rehabilitation leaves off.

If you have just completed rehabilitation but want the continued security, guidance and encouragement afforded by a supervised exercise program, AfterCare Fitness may be for you. Our professional staff will help you continue on the road to recovery and improved fitness and build on the progress you made during rehabilitation.


Medical Fitness Center memberships are available for those who are seeking a program of regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Specialized programs are designed for seniors, womens health issues, weight management and disease prevention. When you join the Center, you will receive a physical fitness evaluation and instruction in a personally tailored conditioning program. Your orientation will include instruction in resistance training, cardiovascular workouts and exercises designed to promote flexibility, good posture and balance.

Our Facility

The Valley Hospital Medical Fitness Center offers top-of-the-line aerobic and strength training equipment designed for a wide range of populations. Our equipment has specialized built-in features for safety, heart rate monitoring, proper biomechanics and a wide range of intensity settings.

About Our Staff

Our Center is staffed by certified clinical exercise and strength and conditioning specialists who hold university degrees in health and exercise sciences. All of our professional staff are trained in basic life support and automated external cardiac defibrillation.

Getting Started

All participants are required to obtain clearance from their physicians before beginning any exercise program at the Medical Fitness Center. In addition, restrictions or recommendations from your physician or therapist will be useful in designing your exercise program. A health status and exercise readiness assessment is conducted during your initial consultation.

A personalized exercise program is then developed to help you meet your fitness goals. Our orientation session gives you a guided informational tour of the facility so that you are familiar and comfortable with the equipment and your exercise routine.

For More Information

We encourage you to schedule a visit to the Medical Fitness Center. To schedule an appointment and to learn more about our programs and fees, please call 201-447-8133.

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