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The Valley Hospital Sports Institute


The Valley Hospital Sports Institute

The Valley Hospital Sports institute is recognized as a trusted resource for the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries and in the promotion of physical fitness within the community. The Sports Institute's medical fitness program is a unique program that provides a wide range of health and fitness services for people of all ages. A cornerstone of the Institute's offerings is the Medical Fitness Center, located in a stand-alone facility less than one mile from the hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Medical Fitness Center

The Medical Fitness Center offers adult participants access to top-of-the-line aerobic and strength training equipment in an atmosphere dedicated to the well being of its members through personalized exercise programs. Memberships are available for those who are seeking a program of regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Supervised exercise programs are designed by highly skilled exercise professionals for seniors, women's health issues, weight management, and overall physical fitness.

The cornerstone of the Medical Fitness Center is After Care Fitness, a closely supervised physical conditioning program designed to pick-up where formal therapy leaves off. After Care Fitness sessions provide individual clients with the professional guidance to continue on the road to recovery and improved fitness, building on the progress made during rehabilitation.

The Medical Fitness Center also offers a comprehensive Prehabilitation program in collaboration with Valley's Department of Orthopedics. This pre-surgical physical conditioning program helps patients prepare for joint replacement surgery by building their strength, increasing their body awareness and enhancing their mobility – all of which can result in a quicker and easier recovery. Call 201-447-8133 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

For more detailed information about the Medical Fitness Center and its programs, please click here to view the Center's brochure. You can also call 201-447-8133 to learn more about the Center, including fees, as well as to schedule an appointment to tour the facility.

Impact Concussion Management Program

While the majority of those who suffer a concussion recover without problems, some may experience chronic cognitive and neurobehavioral difficulties, especially if subsequent concussions occur. The best way to prevent difficulties with concussion is to manage the injury properly when it does occur.

The foundation of proper concussion management is awareness and recognition of the signs and symptoms and early diagnosis and follow-up care. A new valuable tool used to help manage concussions is baseline neuro-cognitive and balance testing. To perform that testing, The Valley Hospital Sports Institute employs ImPACT™, a computer-based testing program, and BioSway, a sensitive balance platform. ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is appropriate for athletes and others 11 years and older. Baseline test data captured prior to a concussion can be compared to post-injury test data to give the health care team more objective information to better manage the recovery process.

Click here to download Concussion Care Tips.For more detailed information about the Sports Institute's Concussion Management Program, Baseline ImPACT testing, and the signs and symptoms of a concussion, please click here to view the Program's brochure. You can also call the Sports Institute at 201-447-8133 or e-mail for more information or to schedule an ImPACT test.

Pre-Surgical Conditioning (Prehabilitation)

The Valley Hospital now provides a pre-surgical physical conditioning program, called prehabilitation, or “prehab”. The program is offered at the Medical Fitness Center in collaboration with the Department of Orthopedics. The program enhances patients’ fitness levels and functional mobility before surgery, which can result in a faster and easier recovery. Prehab is useful for patients undergoing orthopedic replacement surgeries. Each patient’s prehab program is customized to his or her unique needs by our exercise physiologists and certified athletic trainers. Ask your physician or surgeon to be referred to the prehab program at Valley’s Medical Fitness Center, or call 201-447-8133 directly for a consultation. Click here to learn more, or download our Prehab brochure here.


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