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Individualized Treatment Plans and Asthma Action Plans

treatment planOnce all of your child’s medical information and testing has been completed, Dr. Kanegiser will develop an individualized treatment plan and an asthma action plan. Your child’s treatment plan will probably include medications, taken either by mouth and/or inhaled. These medications may be taken daily, seasonally, or year-long, or as a relief or rescue medication, depending on what is best for your child. Based on your child’s symptoms, Dr. Kanengiser may also prescribe antibiotics or other appropriate medications.

Your child’s asthma action plan will contain information on all of the medications, dosages, and other information you need to control your child’s asthma every day. It will also indicate what medications and action steps you can take if your child develops symptoms. This asthma action plan should be kept at home and shared with school nurses, camp counselors, coaches, grandparents, babysitters, and any other caregivers.

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