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Bergen County 911 System


    In Bergen County, enhanced 911 is used to take and triage emergency medical calls. When an emergency telephone call is placed to 911, the trained dispatcher gathers relevant information and determines what resources are needed.  Based on the severity of the complaint, an ambulance, either municipality based or hospital based, will be dispatched to the location of the call. The volunteer ambulance corps members are emergency medical technicians (EMTs) trained in basic life support which includes first aid, administration of emergency oxygen, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and early defibrillation with semiautomatic defibrillators (SAED).

If the call is deemed life threatening (i.e. stroke, heart attack, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness), then a paramedic unit will be dispatched using GPS technology to ensure that the closest unit is assigned to the call. The Valley Hospital Paramedics, who arrive in a second emergency vehicle, continue care upon arrival at the scene of the emergency. The paramedic team carefully, but rapidly, assesses the patient’s condition.

ALS interventions may consist of advanced airway management, IV lines, medication administration, advanced cardiac life support, and pediatric life support measures. If ALS interventions are deemed medically necessary, then treatment is initiated immediately or en route to the nearest appropriate hospital, which can provide definitive treatment. If ALS interventions are not deemed necessary, patients are released to the local ambulance EMTs for transport and The Valley Hospital paramedics will immediately become available for other emergencies.
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