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Laser Success Story: Rose Marie Ranuro

For years, Rose Marie Ranuro experimented with every method imaginable for removing unwanted hair. She plucked, tweezed, waxed and used depilatory creams before discovering laser treatments, which have not only offered a more permanent, ideal solution for smoother skin, but younger-looking skin as well!

As a registered nurse, Rose Marie learned about laser technology through her health care colleagues. "I was intrigued by the procedure and comfortable with a qualified, licensed physician providing treatments in a medical setting versus going to a salon," she asserted.

Rose Marie consulted with Philippe Desplat, D.O., Medical Director of Valley Medical Group's Dumont Center, which utilizes the Candela GentleYAG™ laser system. One of the latest advances in cosmetic therapy, this FDA-approved technology offers an effective, long-term approach to hair removal and skin care.

Rose Marie scheduled a series of facial hair treatments after learning more about the system and its capabilities. "The procedure is relatively painless and short," she said. "I'm in and out after three Springsteen songs!" Other than mild, localized redness that dissipates within one hour, the therapy incurs no side effects and prevents facial hair growth within five to 10 treatments administered four to six weeks apart.

After experiencing outstanding results with hair removal, Rose Marie tried another application of the GentleYAG™ laser system: facial rejuvenation. A less invasive alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery, laser therapy reduces fine lines and wrinkles while tightening the skin, improving skin tone and texture, and ultimately giving the face a more youthful appearance.

"As we age, we lose the elasticity in our skin," said Dr. Desplat. "Utilizing a different technique, the laser light stimulates collagen growth and the skin's elastic fibers." The therapy causes no scarring, blistering or redness, and involves virtually no healing or recovery. Optimal results usually require about four treatments spaced one month apart.

"I've always tried to keep my skin healthy through proper care and sun protection, but now that I'm in my forties I've taken a bigger interest in minimizing the effects of the aging process," explained Rose Marie. "Because of my confidence in Dr. Desplat and my prior results with the laser, I thought this treatment modality would go a long way." Indeed it has. After just a few half-hour sessions, Rose Marie is enjoying a clearer, brighter, smoother complexion with fewer wrinkles and blemishes. Her skin also appears firmer and more taut.

"I've been comparing pictures from a year ago and really see a difference in my skin," added Rose Marie. "My friends have noticed, too… I've been receiving compliments and that's a great feeling!"

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