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Telemanagement Program for Cardiac Patients


Managing congestive heart failure can be a worrisome and challenging process. It means adjusting to new medications and conscientiously monitoring vital signs. Any fluctuations in weight, oxygen levels or heart rate could mean another trip to the hospital.

Valley Home Care’s Telemanagement program enables patients to monitor their health processes right at home and transmit them to Home Care nurses in real time, right through their home telephone connection.

Telemanagement patients are provided with a portable monitor that records blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and glucose levels, and weight. Lightweight and easy to use, the home monitor is customizable with patient-specific information, reminders for taking medications, and educational information about managing each patient’s condition. At appointed times during the day patients take the necessary measurements while hooked up to the monitor. Readings are automatically transmitted via an “800” telephone number to a secure website and reviewed by Valley Home Care’s team of cardiac nurses.

Any deviation from the patients’ normal readings or a report of a symptom activates a call to the patient or caregiver,” says Elaine Davis, Manager of the Telemanagement Program. “Any symptoms or readings that require an intervention, especially if a medication change is anticipated, will also generate a call to the patient’s physician.”

Since she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, June Berry, of North Haledon, has used the telemanagement system following a hospitalization for a stent implant and after being hospitalized for a kidney infection. “After my hospitalizations I had to deal with regaining my mobility and changes in my medications,” she recalls. “The last thing I needed was complications or emergency trips to the hospital.” June’s weight had to be closely monitored so that any water retention could be addressed immediately. And when her heart rate spiked on two occasions, the telemanagement nurse was able to help resolve the problem without a hospital visit. “The home monitor enabled my cardiac care team to help me manage my symptoms without incident, right at home,” says June. “It really took the worry out of my recovery.”

Valley’s Telemanagement program is available for patients receiving services through Valley Home Care, and is covered by most insurance plans.

For more information, please call 201-291-6378.

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