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Shelle Powell, Central Processing Supervisor

"I thrive on the opportunity to serve patients and my fellow employees."

Shelle Powell is passionate about ensuring a sterile healthcare environment. "Even when I visit my dentist, I watch to make sure everything is sterilized properly," she says. "It's almost an obsession!"

Shelle says she never expected to work at a hospital. "I didn't plan on this career, but once I started, I really thrived on the atmosphere and the opportunity to serve patients and my fellow employees." Shelle's primary responsibilities are to make sure all reusable hospital equipment and surgical tools are free of contamination and ready for the next patient. "It feels good to know I'm helping to prevent infection and improve patient outcomes."

After working her way from entry level to coordinator to supervisor of 25 employees, Shelle says she's most surprised by the level of employee retention at Valley Hospital. "I'm in awe that I've been here for 10 years, but I'm still considered a baby," she says. "Some people have been here 40 years or more!"

Why do people stay? "Because we feel valued," she says. "At Valley, they build a career ladder for you and help you to grow within the organization. It's a wonderful place to work."

223 N. Van Dien Avenue Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Mailing Address:
The Valley Hospital
223 N. Van Dien Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
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