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PrimeTime Member Testimonials


Joann Outslay — PrimeTime Member for 4 years

Joann Outslay has been attending PrimeTime lectures and programs with her sister and friends for the past three to four years. As a retired health teacher, she has always had a strong interest in learning.

“I love variety and learning about new things,” said Joann. “You enjoy it for a learning experience”.

One aspect of the health lectures that she’s enjoyed is that it’s increased her familiarity with the medical doctors and services in the area. “Knowing what surgeons are out there and getting to know a network of people in all the different health fields is very reassuring,” she said. “The doctors are very down-to-earth and good at explaining things to the audience.”

A couple of her favorite lectures and events on non-related health topics have included a presentation on the history of the Ford Plant and a performance by two actors who portrayed several of America’s Presidents.”

“There’s something for everyone. There have also been lectures on travel, sports, and music, to name a few other topics. Since there is a lot of variety, PrimeTime brings together people from all different backgrounds and fields.”

When asked why she comes to PrimeTime she said, “One of the main reasons I enjoy coming to PrimeTime lectures is because the people display a strong interest and enthusiasm for the speakers that come here, and that definitely adds something special to the experience for me. The program leaders are attuned to what members are interested in seeing and learning about. Plus, it’s all free!”

Rita Stahl — PrimeTime Member for 4 Years

Rita Stahl has been an active PrimeTime member for 4-5 years. She travels to PrimeTime events from Rockland County, NY. When asked why she’s willing to travel that far to come to PrimeTime, she explained that, to her, Valley is “a community hospital that tries to help you.”

Rita explained, “PrimeTime offers you a chance to get out of the house and find out what’s different in the world. It’s inspired me to do things to keep my mind busy and engaged, to stay current, to maintain a ritual of going out with my friends, to read, to get out, and to be a part of a community.”

As a former registered nurse, she’s mostly interested in health-related lectures such as: new advances in medicine and surgery, health policy, and nutrition classes. Recently, she attended a lecture on Obamacare and the Affordable Healthcare Act that she found very helpful and easy-to-understand.

One of her favorite health-related events was a tour at the Stryker manufacturing plant to see how they make hip parts. She also enjoyed an evening program that showed the Da Vinci machine used for robotic surgery, where attendees could try using the probes of the robot itself to pick up small coins.

“Things change so quickly in health and medicine, so I enjoy coming to PrimeTime to hear about new innovations and research in the medical field,” said Rita.

Catherine McGrath — PrimeTime Member for 12 Years

Catherine has been coming to PrimeTime exercise classes twice a week for the past 12 years and continues to do so at the age of 91. She believes that coming to PrimeTime to learn simple exercises meant for older adults has helped her maintain her ability to perform daily tasks and stay healthy.

Catherine McGrath“At PrimeTime exercise classes, I've been given the instruction, guidance, and support that I could never have found from exercising on my own. My instructors have taught me how to work with body properly and have helped me recognize which exercises are most appropriate and beneficial given my individual needs. I've learned balancing exercises that have been vital for maintaining my ability to perform physical daily tasks. Many of the exercises we learn in class are very simple but have a strong, positive impact on your body.”

“Coming consistently to PrimeTime exercise classes has helped me stay stronger and healthier overall and more resilient to injury and illness. I believe that anyone can benefit from PrimeTime exercise classes, regardless of what shape they are in or how much they have exercised before. I'm very fortunate to be in the shape I'm in now.”

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