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Restaurant Menu Analysis and Makeover Service


The nutrition experts at The Valley Hospital are excited to offer our services in nutrition and recipe analysis to the restaurant and food service industry in our community. With increasing regulations on the horizon, now is the time to get ahead of the game. Studies report that most consumers want to know the nutrition information for the food they are eating. Nutrition and healthy choices are among the hottest trends on restaurant menus in 2010 reported by the National Restaurant Association What’s Hot survey.

The restaurant menu analysis and makeover service offers you the opportunity to identify and market the healthy menu choices you already offer to your clientele, as well as to adapt recipes to create more healthful choices. Our nutrition staff will help you to evaluate your current recipes and provide nutrition information for the customers you serve. Please contact us with your specific needs, and we will discuss our services with you.

Recipe Nutrient Analysis

Our registered dietitians will complete an analysis of your recipes to determine the nutritional content of the food items. We can analyze a few recipes or your entire menu. A comprehensive, detailed report will include the following information by serving:

Calories Sodium
Total fat Carbohydrate
Saturated Fat Protein
Cholesterol Dietary Fiber

Recipe Modification

Recipes can be adjusted with ingredient substitutions for the purpose of meeting the needs of special diets or developing a healthier version of the recipe.

Click here to submit a recipe. All recipe information will be kept confidential.

Fee structure based on size and number of recipes.

By participating in the Recipe for Life Program, your restaurant will be included in a list of recommended restaurants that will be distributed by The Valley Hospital to your future customers.

To discuss our services, contact Joe Juliano, DTR, Nutrition and Wellness Manager, at 201-634-5371, or e-mail