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Healthy Bites: October 2013

Health Benefits of This Seasonal Favorite…Pumpkin

If you’re only having pumpkin in a pie, you are missing out on many uses for this delicious and healthy produce. The recipes can range from soups, stews, muffins, roasted, enjoyed with pasta, or mashed like a potato. Here are some advantages of adding pumpkin to your recipe repertoire:

  1. The deep color orange indicates beta carotenes are present which are known to protect vision, skin health, and help prevent cancers.
  2. They are a good source of fiber, which can fill you up and curb hunger and appetite, thereby aiding in weight loss efforts.
  3. The seeds are heart healthy and may lower LDL cholesterol.
  4. The seeds are rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin, a mood-elevating brain chemical.
  5. Pumpkins are a rich source of potassium with 564 mg per 1 cup serving, which is good for heart health and blood pressure.

Sugar pumpkins and cheese pumpkins are best for cooking and baking. They are available during the fall and winter and keep well at room temperature for up to one month. Stored in the refrigerator, they can last up to three months. Look for 100% pumpkin puree when using canned pumpkin in recipes. Take the time to explore recipes to include pumpkin in them. They are a tasty addition to your fall menu and add many health benefits!

To schedule an individualized nutrition counseling appointment, please call 201-634-5371.

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